Do what you love!

September 22, 2018

Just a little blurb to let ya know I’m still doing what I love!

When you love running as much as I do it’s hard to think about giving it up for the next 2+ months…so I’m just not ready yet 😁🏃❤
I may be slow and have to walk at times but #35.5 weeks and I’m still plugging away …and loving it!

Still baking too…my obgyn has a love of Nutella I guess. So I baked him some Nutella Blondie’s this week for my appointment. Kind of used them as a bribe to get out of some tests I felt were unnecessary. (Yes nurses make the worst patients!) But hey it worked! He told the secretary when she took the bars back that he knew exactly who they were from and I could have anything I wanted! 😂

I’m guessing within the next month we’ll have a baby….boy or girl? Take a friendly guess on the date and gender and we’ll see who wins! Maybe I’ll even do some sort of give away for the one who is correct! 😍 Comment here or on my Facebook page: Runner with a hunger .

5 thoughts on “Do what you love!

  1. So good that you ‘ve stayed active. You will certainly real the benefits. I think you will have a girl on the 13th! Early I know BUT our anniversary😀👰. I think you should freeze some of those nutella Blondie and award them to the best predictor🍮

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