Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone knows I like to run, but cooking/baking can create that same relaxed, carefree, enjoyable feeling for me too (*if the stars align and the kids all play nicely and let me cook in peace, that is). I really enjoy cranking some good music and creating some tasty food, with a lil dancing around the kitchen, and an occasional squeeze to my hubby…he can tell when I’m enjoying myself cooking and likes the mood it puts me in!
Anyway, I saw a glimpse into our future today and it made me smile. I always remember my grandma and grandpa cooking Thanksgiving dinner together; today my hubby and I made a pretty awesome team, creating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
I helped him prepare the turkey for the smoker (totally his show- he does an awesome job). He prepared a brine and soaked it for 24+ hours, then prepared a flavorful solution he injects it with, we stuffed it with aromatics (celery, onion, and apples), and then he finished it with a rub (a combination of his homemade AP rub and a store bought apple rub). When he smokes something, it’s always out of this world, full of flavor!

Anyway, as I was saying, I had a glimpse into our future of preparing Thanksgiving dinners together. He was babysitting the smoker and helping to clean up the dishes as fast as I was dirtying them from making the many side dishes. (He literally was taking things as I was done with them and sometimes before I was done with them! Haha but to say I appreciated the help was an understatement.) We were both in a good mood cooking together and everything turned out great. And clean up afterwards was minimal! (What more can you ask for, really?)
Even though today was different and I was missing the family we’d normally see, cooking together did put a smile on my face! And gave me something to look forward to in the future too!
I hope and pray you and yours had an enjoyable Thanksgiving as well. It may be different, but hopefully just a season that we are all trying to make the best of.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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