Happy Birthday to me…

November 21, 2017

I was super spoiled today for my birthday!  Woke up to nice cards and handmade gifts from both my husband and daughter.  Lila created a book for me and Chris made me something I’ve wanted for a couple years now… I couldn’t have designed it better! One of my favorite running verses; I love it! (A friend of ours helped with the vinyl, Joy did a great job!)

I received flowers at work from both my husband and a close friend; so thoughtful and such a surprise! We ordered lunch in from one of my favorite places in town, The Tea Room https://www.facebook.com/tearoomandcafespecials/ … I didn’t stray from my usual favorite, a half of a Deluxe Chicken Salad Sandwich on their artisan whole wheat bread.  So yummy! And today I also tried their soup special: Butternut squash soup.  I have to be honest, I’m not a huge soup fan, but I am so glad to have ventured out and tried this; it is definitely one of my new favorites and one of the best soups I’ve EVER had. I will be stalking their soup specials to see when they offer it again!  It was so creamy, smooth, slightly sweet and absolutely delicious!

Chris also planned dinner for the night… not just like the usual day before my birthday, ‘hey hunny where do you want to go out to eat tomorrow night,’  but planned what he was making and invited my mom and Jim and our best friends down; all complete with ice cream cake!  It was one of my most favorite birthdays yet; I truly felt so special, spoiled, and loved!  Thankful for all the loving family and friends we have in our life!

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