‘Extra’ Time…

November 27, 2017

As much as I love days off, relaxation, and free time…and vacations…Routine can be a good thing too.  I thought I’d have all this free time over Thanksgiving break and had a whole list of productive things I was going to get done around the house and in preparation for Christmas.  Well, I think I was able to cross maybe two things off the list.  I was also planning to get extra running in and extra God time!  I was looking forward to all of this ‘extra’ time… Somehow that extra time quickly gets eaten up, filled up, planned out, and just plain busy.  Thankfully most of the time it’s a good busy – spending time with family or friends, stuff like that – but still, too busy sometimes that you not only don’ t end up with ‘extra’ time but you find the time whizzed by and you didn’t make time for the normal stuff.

As much as I love breaks from school/work and vacations, I find in those instances I get out of my normal routine and even though I truly should have MORE time to spend with God, I find I end up unintentionally pushing my ‘God time’ to the side sometimes, unfortunately.  During a ‘normal’ week I feel like I have a good balance between my running routine and my God time.  I have a short online devotional that I read daily (but I am human and somedays I’m crawling into bed and realize I never read my morning devotional- whoops!); then in addition to church and life group and whatever church related activities we are involved in, I set aside 45 minutes to an hour, 1-2 mornings a week for ‘my God time.’  During this time I have several books that I’m reading currently (which I will share with you later), all of which do involve scripture as well.  I enjoy this time with God and learned some time ago that I definitely need to be INTENTIONAL about making it happen!

Just like any other relationship – with your spouse, family, friends, etc. – I have to be intentional about my relationship with God.  I wouldn’t be a very good spouse or have a good relationship with my husband if I only talked to him when I needed something; the same holds true with God.  He truly wants a relationship with us, desires to know our hearts, and for us to desire to spend time with him.

My best advice is to find what works for YOU for your ‘God time’…running is often my God time; when I’m alone I’m almost always praying.  Other times I read from a book or a devotional, as I do best when I have something to go along with the scripture. I also benefit from writing one or two verses down, posting them where I’ll see them or put them on a sticky note in my pocket to remind myself of them and reflect on them throughout the day/week.  Choose the time of day that works best for YOU, mine is very much so the morning, as I am a morning person!   And don’t feel like you have to set aside a lengthy amount of time or have to set down and reach chapters and chapters.  Keep it simple, be INTENTIONAL, and do what works for YOU!

From my Run For God devotional:

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