No-bake recipes…

December 16, 2017

I’m normally not a huge fan of ‘no-bake’ recipes…unless it’s something like strawberry pretzel salad; that’s a classic and a summer picnic staple.  But I can probably count the number of times I’ve made no-bake cookies on one hand.  I remember when my husband, before we were married, thought ‘no-bake cheesecake’ was real cheesecake!?
Anyway, I normally opt to bake something yummy…until it’s 9pm and you have spent the entire last two days in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies and you still have to make the dessert you volunteered to bring to a get together tomorrow. It was at that point I decided bringing an easy no-bake pie was a good idea.  But not just any no-bake pie would be acceptable; this pie/recipe is special to me because it’s my grandma’s cherry cheese pie and a family favorite.

cherry pie.jpg

Cherry Cheese Pie
(Recipe from ‘Grandma Downtown’)

1 prepared\baked pie crust or 1 graham cracker crust
1 8 oz softened cream cheese
1 cup confectionery sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup whipped cream (heavy cream already whipped)
1 can cherry pie filling

Beat together the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. Fold in whipped cream. Pour into pie crust. Then spoon cherry pie filling over the cream cheese layer. Chill until set. Enjoy!

Just a simple recipe; although I like it for sentimental reasons, you may enjoy it because its quick and easy and will allow you to spend more time with your friends and family, rather than in the kitchen! Also a good starter recipe for a young baker in training! Enjoy!

More Christmas baked goods recipes on the way….stay tuned!  Scroll down and hit the follow button! Share with a friend!  Thanks!

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