Last run of the year…

December 30, 2017

Another cold morning run, which has become the norm for the past week or two; I’ve lost track and just become accustomed to dressing in many layers. Today, approximately 6*, 2 layers of pants, 3 layers of shirts, and due to the 2+ inches of fresh snow, my yak traks too. Without my running partner, I quickly become bored running the same loops around town. Today I headed back out to the beautiful reservoir (I’ve mentioned and pictured before).  It’s beauty can be appreciated in all seasons.

Being my last run of the year, I reflected on all the miles behind me, as well as the past year as a whole. I was thankful to have reached my goal of 1200 miles, improving from 1000 last year; my final total after today’s 8.5 was 1276 miles for 2017. 

I’m weird and like to end with a whole number (9 rather than 8.5), but I knew my total was at a half number so did 8.5 today. 😜

Looking forward to more runs ahead for 2018. 

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