What makes you feel good…

February 12, 2018

I had a bad case of the grumps yesterday. For no good reason, just felt super grumpy the second half of the day; its makes me mad at myself when I get like that, which in turn doesn’t make me any less grumpy. Lol. Thankfully today is a new day – even if it is a Monday, lol. No really, I’m ready to start the day off positive. Despite the fact I had to use the treadmill rather than running outside this morning, I was thankful to start the day with some miles …that always makes me feel better for the day!
Do you have an article of clothing or something that just makes you feel good when you wear it… maybe it’s something that makes you look pretty/feel pretty or feel good about yourself. Well I decided to wear a dress today… to look/feel pretty? No, lol! For comfort, because it means I can wear leggings to work, silly! (Ps. I think leggings are to blame for my current waist line, but we won’t go there!) Anyway, despite the fact I’m wearing a dress today, I still chose to wear my sneakers (and I don’t care if it looks dumb!)… 1. Because my feet hurt and could use the extra support, and 2. Because they make me feel good! They almost make me feel more energized, better about myself, and a good reminder that I can do this – whatever ‘this’ is on this Monday ahead of me.

Honestly, I’ve had more grumpy days lately than I’d care to admit, and many for no good reason, like yesterday. I feel miserable with myself sometimes; down, discouraged, like I’m not doing anything right. Almost always, I’ve come to the realization that it’s Satan attacking me – he likes to see me down on myself and discouraged and GRUMPY. Because when I am, I’m not praising God or doing what He has set out for me. It’s easy for me to be hard on myself and then it’s a struggle to love others around me. I read something within the last couple years that has stuck with me… You can’t love others more than you love yourself. Hmm… I’ve always struggled ‘loving myself’ but over the last couple years, my journey of growing closer to God and having a real relationship with God has definitely helped! I feel like that’s the only thing that snaps me out of my ‘grumps’ sometimes – spending some time with God, reflecting on who I am to Him and that, thankfully, He loves me no matter what…
So, to combat my ‘grumps’ and start the day (and week) off right, I often turn on my favorite Christian music and pounded the treadmill to that today. Instead of just a boring old run on the ‘dreadmill,’ I did some interval training with some elevation and speed changes – tried to switch it up a bit with hopes of boosting my calories burned! Packed a healthy salad with chicken for lunch and had a shake and lots of fluids for breakfast. Spent time thanking God for all the awesome people and things I have in my life to be thankful for. Feeling pumped with my sneaks on and ready to start the day with a positive outlook!
What makes you feel good about yourself? What’s your answer to snapping yourself out of the ‘grumps’? Do you love yourself?? Did you know God loves you no matter what? Who do you turn to when life throws the big stuff at you, more than just battling grumps, but real stuff…? Big questions, I know. If I didn’t have God in my life – I wouldn’t have the answer to these questions!

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