Last minute…

March 7, 2018

You know what March 7th is? The day before my daughter’s birthday…this year her ‘golden birthday,’ turning 8 on the 8th! Well as she gets out of the shower and gets ready for bed, nearly 8 o’clock now, she says ‘oh yeah, mom, my teacher wanted to know if I was bringing a special treat in for my birthday tomorrow?’ Oh crap, mom fail.

I had thought of the gifts and had them prepared, plans to hang some balloons from her doorway in the morning, hope to surprise her at lunch, and of course had her special birthday dinner planned out from the list of her favorites she gave me, asking me to surprise her:

But somewhere in there I totally forgot the whole ‘send a special treat to school’ thing. Normally I try to do something super cute, creative and the school nurse in me, somewhat healthy….but at 8pm it’s going to be what do I have ingredients for and the time to make.

In opted to make M&M Blondie bars. These are not my recipe but an easy, good ol’ go-to bar cookie. Thankfully I had some pretty pastel colored M&M’s to throw in. Had them in the oven before I tucked them in, out id the oven when we were done. Goodnight! Whew, dodged a bullet there. So in case you are in need of a quick and easy cookie type dessert, try these: M&M Blondie Bars

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