Running buddies…

July 11, 2018

I have a hard time making myself get up at 4:20am to run before my husband leaves for work, when I do not need to be up that early. So I run in the morning after my kids get up and coax them along on their bikes. They don’t always want to go but I’m thankful that they do (with minimal whining). 😛 (Funny they whine a lot less when my friend Whitney comes with us! 😉)

Today we hit up this trail, even though I’m not a fan of trail running, I needed the shade! Gotta do what you can to get a run in. It was definitely on the slower side today and had to cut it half a mile short because my little dude biffed it with his bike at the end of the trail, but we all survived!

Many have asked how long I plan to run into this pregnancy and since this is the first pregnancy I’ve ran this far into, I’m not really sure. Just playing it by ear depending on how I feel. So far things are going fine so my goal is to run at least until the end of August (7 months one week approximately). Time will tell!

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