Close call…

September 19, 2018

Sitting here, in one of my favorite places, relaxing and reflecting on my day. I had a close call that really shook me up. While on my lunch break I was nearly in a car accident that would not have been good- 35 weeks pregnant or not.

It was not my fault; long story short an (oblivious) elderly man wearing the big cataract shades, who probably couldn’t see completely around a tree cutting truck on the corner, did not see me and left his stop sign as I was going through (without a stop sign). All I could think was ‘oh my word he’s going to hit me!’ Had I not pressed on the gas and veered to the far right and edge of the grass/street facing the wrong direction, he would have surly hit me in my driver’s side door.

Anyway it was scary and I was quite shaken but it didn’t take more than a second to thank God that I was completely ok.

The coolest part, or probably the only cool part about this story is that after I told my friend Rachel (and personal OB nurse 😉) what had happened she said for whatever reason she felt the need to pray protection over me and the baby this morning! 😇 So cool. I love God things…no such thing as coincidence! Thankful for praying friends and God’s protection today! ❤

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