Back at it…

November 20, 2018

I’ve started to write a few different blog posts since the baby was born 4 weeks ago and none of them have made it past the ‘draft’ stage lol. Been a little busy…

But I did set a goal for myself to do a Thanksgiving run… because I always enjoy a nice early morning Thanksgiving run. It’s my second favorite holiday (second to 4th of July) and I always use my running time as time spent with God, time to reflect, think, be thankful…so Thanksgiving day is definitely a great time for all of that! And I’ve definitely been itching to get back out there!

Anyway, the baby has been a great sleeper at night for the most part and it just happened to work out that I was feeding him from 4:45- 5:45am and thought ‘hey I have time to squeeze a little run in.’ By the time I actually finished feeding him and got around and out the door, I only had 30 minutes before I had to be back to get the older two ready for school…so I did what I could. I was a bit slow but trying to cut myself some slack, right?

I was proud of myself for being out there 4 weeks post-baby. It wasn’t without some aches and pains but nothing to write home about. I’m sure each run will improve.

I’m already very aware that it’s going to be more of a challenge to get out running. If it were the time of year where the weather was nice, I could pick up and go with the baby jogging stroller, but I don’t want to take him out in the too awful cold.

For any other new moms or moms-to-be that run and are reading this, I’ve done some reading about nursing and running also. I wasn’t as big into running back when my other two were born, so this is new to me and I had some questions/concerns!

Some of the articles I found helpful:

Hopefully if someone like myself is looking for input, they will find this helpful!

Looking forward to more runs in the near future!

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