Another EASY recipe…

So it’s the day before Christmas Eve and you probably have a million things to do still…if baking is one of them, try this quick recipe. These are the ones on the plate of cookies that everyone loves and it just kind of makes me want to roll my eyes because I’d prefer compliments on the true homemade cookies, not the ‘doctored up cake mix’ ones! Lol 😝

cant leave alone bars.jpg

Give yourself a break and allow yourself to use a cake mix! You’ll have something to share with company and still have time to get the rest of your wrapping done too! You’re welcome!

Can’t Leave Alone Bars

1 White or Yellow Cake Mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 cup semi sweet choc. Chips
1/4 cup butter or margarine, cubed.
(nuts and coconut are optional additions)

Combine cake mix, oil and eggs – press 2/3 into bottom of greased 13×9 pan. Set aside.
In microwave safe bowl combine milk, choc. chips, and butter. Microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between each one, until mixture is melted and combined.
Pour melted chocolate mixture over the prepared crust.
If topping with additional nuts and/or coconut (I topped mine with crushed walnuts) add them on top of the chocolate layer now, prior to rest of cake mix layer.
Top with the rest of the cake mix mixture by placing small pieces spread out over the chocolate layer.
Add some festive sprinkles.
Bake at 350* for 20-25 minutes. I cut into small 1- 1.5″ squares to put on many plates of Christmas cookies!



Baked goods and Jesus…


November 30, 2017

In my Run for God devotional, one of the questions this morning was: ‘What do you share with others that gives you the greatest joy?’

I have always loved sharing the food that I make, especially baked goods, with others.  At every job I’ve had, I’m always the coworker who brings in baked goods to share.  I run into people from my previous places of employment and they still comment on missing my ‘yummy baking.’  I’m thankful for my ability to bake and I do appreciate seeing people enjoy things that I’ve made.

In the past I have compared sharing Jesus to that of sharing baked goods… I don’t ever want to ‘bug’ people, but I do often invite people to church…it’s like when you have your favorite food – let’s say a luscious cheesecake – you want to share it with people, you want other people to try it too because you think they will like it!  That’s why I invite people to church, especially people close to me.  I LOVE our church, our church family, and the way God speaks through our Pastor. I love having a relationship with God and looking back and seeing how things have changed in my life for the better because of that relationship.  Why wouldn’t I want to share that with others? I want them to experience it and enjoy it as well.  It’s never about judging anyone or saying or even thinking, ‘Man, I think you really need to go to church’; not at all.  It’s always out of love and just a desire to share something so wonderful that many are missing out on.  So for my friends and family, neighbors, etc. reading this – don’t be offended when I invite you to church, just know that I love you enough to share my yummy delicious cheesecake… and my church with you.