Weather won one today…

March 2, 2018

Very rarely does the weather stop me from running. It was calling for an accumulation of snow today, but not starting til 5am. I figured I had time to get started and if I had to run in a snow storm, it wouldn’t be the first. I got up at 4am and stood and looked out the window for a solid five minutes trying to decide if I should run outside or submit to the ‘dreadmill.’ Despite the wind chimes clanging and the fact that the little snow that had started to fall already was being whipped around out there, I decided it was still a better option than the dreaded treadmill.

Fast forward 20 minutes, after I had gotten ready and was again looking out the same window, now there’s a good two inches on the ground that wasn’t there earlier!? And the snow coming down was thicker and harder to see through as it was even more blustery. Still… better than the treadmill; still going to brave it, at least it’s 32* out! 😁

Well yaktrax required obviously, but for the first time ever, they hardly helped! I should have known when two blocks into my run I had to stop and scuff my feet to get down to the pavement, to then scuff some more to get the collection of heavy wet snow off the bottom of my shoe. I continued to play this game for about 3/4 of a mile before I turned and headed back home. I could handle the wind and the snow falling or shooting directly into my eyes; I was literally running with my eyes closed at one point. But, I can’t run with what feels like snow balls the size of my fist collecting under my feet with every step. Nope, the weather won one today… I went back home to continue my run on my treadmill with my lovely view:

(I try not to look at the time…)

Although I complain about her, I am thankful I have her on the seldom days like today. 😜

Did I mention it was like 50s and beautiful out the rest of the week prior? Hopefully this counts as March coming in like a lion….out like a lamb? Ready for spring!

At least running on the treadmill means listening to a good playlist. 🎶 What do you listen to?