Leftover candy…

January 21, 2018

Those with kids will probably be able to relate to that bag of hoarded, leftover, 4+ month old Halloween candy that might still be lying around. What do you do with it? Maybe your kids would have eaten it by now… Maybe you’re not as mean of a mom as I am? Maybe your kids don’t bounce off the walls when they eat sugar!?! And drive you bonkers!? 

Well anyway, if by chance you have leftover candy sitting around I have a use for it! I needed a quick dessert to take with us out to a friend’s for a fun day of sledding and a campfire and hotdogs. Totally informal, relaxed, and absolutely perfect! So the dessert didn’t need to be fancy! I was opting for a good ol’ box mix of brownies and thinking how I could spice it up a little. I considered the caramel chips I had in the freezer and then as I walked into the pantry and passed the said bag of leftover candy I had an idea. Maybe not all that original but I was pleased with it. 😛

So the kids and I dumped the bite size chocolate assortment out on the counter and started chopping them up! Surprisingly they didn’t mind one bit and were thankful to be able to use their new safe cutting knives they received for Christmas to help me! 

So simple and yummy and perfect for a perfect day with friends who are like family! ❤ Enjoy the simple things! 

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