Best. Cinnamon. Buns. Ever.

March 27, 2018

I wish I could take credit for this recipe because it created the yummiest cinnamon buns ever! And the blog was great; step by step photo instructions if you need them and I honestly did not alter a thing from their recipe. I honestly think these are one of the best things I’ve ever made; I was thrilled with how they turned out. I actually made a double batch; kind of brave for being a new recipe I guess… Double batch because I had several people I wanted to share them with, have some for us, and take a pan of them to work.

I made the double batch this Sunday; rolled them out in two separate batches, baking one of them at that time and then saving the other in the refrigerator until time to bake (the following night for work on Tuesday). The recipe said this was an option but I wasn’t sure if the second batch would rise as well (the second time) or turn out as good as the first pan did. Well, rest assured, if you want to make these the day before and then bake them the next morning, it works perfectly. I would allow them more time to warm up. I had mine next to the vent of the oven while dinner was cooking, probably an hour before they actually went in the oven. The dough was still cold and I was skeptical how they’d turn out, but the second batch was just as yummy as the first!

So the batch I took to work had a purpose…(and I’m about to find out how many people actually read my blog because sometimes it’s discouraging when you think some of your closest friends and family don’t read your stuff 😜 but no worries.) Anyway I took a pan of fresh baked cinnamon BUNs to work to share, with a note on the lid that had a picture of an OVEN.

Maybe I should have been less subtle? I had to spoon feed them the message and perhaps even some of you currently reading are trying to figure out ‘What message?’ They all thought the picture of the oven was to remind them to warm their cinnamon bun up before eating it… 🤔 Good point. Too subtle. Anyway, did u get it? If not, you’re on your own! But hey, thanks for following me! ☺

Don’t forget the icing!!

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