April 8, 2018

One thing that’s not consistent (besides my ability to do blog posts 😜) is the weather! Look at the pictures below, taken 4 days apart…what month is it!?

Wednesday it was a beautiful 55*, raining but so warm. It felt so good to not have to wear the winter hat/ear warmer or gloves! And I’m so thankful for the new running hat I bought for rainy days. It was rainy that morning but just shielding the rain from my face gave me the illusion I was dry! Totally worth the $9.99! 😜 Anyway, we quickly went from normal spring weather for this time of year to 16* this morning…back to bundling up. Brrr. I’m over it. I actually skipped my run yesterday, well postponed till today, because when I woke up st 5:15am as planned, we had 2+ inches of fresh snow on the ground. I grumbled and went on strike, refusing to wear yaktrax in April…I went back to bed! Then unfortunately today I only had time to fit 6 in before church. Better than nothing I guess.

Anyway how ’bout that weather! Hope spring actually shows up to say, soon!

Something that’s a little more consistent than the weather, are my times lately. Consistently getting slower! The time I’m actually moving is faster than my final averager pace, but I’ve been allowing myself some walk breaks as needed.

Why you ask? For those of you who don’t follow me or didn’t read my last blog with a little suble announcement about a cinnamon BUN in the oven…hello…I’m not slow, I’m pregnant! (And I plan to get a shirt that says so 😋.) So yes, I’ve slowed down a bit and been a bit more hungry! Lol But I plan to keep running as long as I can and yes the doctor says that’s absolutely fine! My body was used to it to begin with and I know my limits. I am trying to get extra hydration in as well. I have a goal, that even my doctor did not feel was unrealistic and perfectly acceptable, to do a half marathon the first weekend in June; I’ll be about 20-21 weeks at that point. (My mother is probably having a bird at this point… haha!) If I am not feeling up to it, I won’t do it, and that’s absolutely fine with me. For now I feel good and I’m going to continue my normal running routine as long as I can! I wouldn’t mind if the weather would warm up a little though!!!

Thanks for following along my newest journey!

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