Rest day…

May 10, 2018

Typically Sundays and Thursdays are my rest days…sometimes my routine/schedule gets shifted around but either way, I always make time for a rest day. Your body needs to rest; God designed us that way. As much as I love to run, I also look forward to my rest days.

I usually spend time with God daily, but on my rest days I get to spend extra time, doing extra devotions and I look forward to this too. This is always a way to help me feel refreshed and renewed, in addition to the physical rest.

As I sat on the couch this morning, reading some of the books I read (several are little devotions you read weekly, and I’m done with the 40 days of the Holy Spirit book), it is a beautiful morning and you can hear the birds chirping outside. My husband says to me, ‘I bet you’d rather be out there running, huh?’ No, actually I wouldn’t. Today is devoted to rest and getting more into God’s word, and I like it that way. I need this time! More so even than I need the running! Don’t get me wrong…I love my time running and a lot of that time is my ‘God time’ too; talking with him, offering up prayers, and listening for what he might have to say to me. But rest days are important too! Funny, because the title of my Run For God devotion today was ‘Rest.’

God knows what we need…listen to Him and allow yourself a rest day!

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