Conquer the hill…

May 5, 2018

I know I haven’t blogged in forever, but life is so busy…spring sports have started and I’m sure so many parents can relate to the busyness of it all and the juggling game we play…and mine are only 5 & 8. It’s just beginning! But it is fun to watch them learn, play, and enjoy their sports and use up the energy they’ve stored from a long winter.

One is participating in soccer, the other t-ball. Both have practice times of 5:30-630. When do these people eat dinner? Either super early or super late…our gig lately, three days a week, is to rush home, make a quick meal, ‘coach’ them that they need to ‘eat faster’ because we need to leave for practice! I know it could be worse, with multiple sports practices or engagements in one evening…well one evening this late week we had a doctor’s appointment, practice, and then church. 😬 I just hate the rush rush rush; by the end of the week I’m exhausted (and my house is a total mess)! But I’m thankful as well!

I’m still sticking to my normal running routine, up before the crack of dawn…I’m sure contributing to the exhaustion, but running helps me to feel my best. I mentioned before, that I have a goal to do a half marathon in about 4 weeks, at which point I’ll be about 20 weeks along. So far it’s going pretty well and I haven’t really strayed at all from my usual runs.

Of all the things that I thought might stop me from running during pregnancy, injury, potential bleeding, exhaustion, not feeling well– I didn’t think bladder issues would be one of them. Not incontinence thankfully! But it’s super annoying to constantly feel like you have to pee while running. I have had to plan out my runs based on where I can go to the bathroom! The early morning Sheetz crew and hospital admissions receptionist should know me well by now- lol. So far I’m making it work but I’m going to have to be mindful of where the port-a-potties are on race day I guess!

I’m also thankful for a patient running partner who doesn’t seem to mind my frequent potty breaks! 😜 I did mention to her the other day though, that I’ve read at this point the baby is the size of an orange and that orange is sitting on my bladder…so it’s no wonder I have to pee all the time while I’m running. I told her it would only be fair that she start carrying some fruit along with her for our runs! Even the playing field a little. 😁

I was thankful for her today, as we ‘conquered the hill’ together this morning…a hill that she said she’d never run again! The struggle up the 3 miles hill with a 1,000 foot elevation gain (something like that) is definitely less painful and almost enjoyable, when you have someone to struggle through it with you! So thanks, Whitney! 😉 (Ps the fact that you said you’d never do this hill again but did gives me hope that you will also do another marathon some day!?)

Anyway, it was a good morning for a run. I was happy with my time for 1. Being prego, 2. Running 11 miles, and 3. Doing ‘the hill’ for the first time this year! But I must admit I’m feeling quite whooped as the day goes on. We’ll see what the next couple weeks bring…

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