Stay active!

August 25, 2018

It was a beautiful morning for a run! I know I missed a beautiful sunrise because I saw it from the window while I was getting ready. It made me wish I had gotten my but out of bed 20 minutes earlier, but after a full week back to work, first week of school, I had no desire to get up before 6am. (I had two 4:30am mornings to get runs in before work, so 6 am was sleeping in!)

Because I’m a bit slower, I’ve only had time to do 3-3.5 miles the last couple weeks so I was thankful that I was able (capable and had time) to get 4 miles in today. And it felt good! If I could give one piece of advice, based on one thing I’ve taken away from this (third) pregnancy, is to stay active! If you’re able of course. I thank God every time I’m out running (or even mowing the lawn) that I’ve been able to remain active and healthy this pregnancy. I know some women are just not able to or are put on restrictions to maintain the health of the pregnancy, and I feel terrible for them…that would kill me!

This is the first pregnancy I’ve ran through and I’ve definitely seen the benefits. I mentioned last time the drastically awesome effect it had on my glucose scores and it’s also helped me maintain a healthy weight/not gain too much weight this pregnancy. I was actually a little paranoid before my appointment this past week as I hadn’t gained any weight in nearly 3 weeks. I was worried if I wasn’t gaining, maybe the baby wasn’t growing like it should. But a routine ultrasound confirmed baby is growing healthy and measuring right on target. So I’ll take it! August was a busy month of mowing, running, home projects, lots of activities, so I think all in all it contributed to my lack of weight gain; but baby is growing healthy.

I was so worried that I was going to gain a bunch of weight this pregnancy (I was a whale with #2) and not be able to lose it now that I’m at the ‘advanced maternal age’ of 35. 🙄 (I feel old everytime I go to the doctor.) Anyway I share this with you, in case you are in the same boat or curious about staying active in your pregnancy! Always check with your doctor first though! You also shouldn’t start anything new at this point; my body was very used to running so it was approved by my doctor to continue as tolerated.

Well, on to piles of laundry and more home projects that need done before the baby comes. 😉 I miss my free time all week to get this stuff done! Back to the real world, I know! Enjoy your day…

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