Sugar cookies

December 6, 2018

Need a quick sugar cookie recipe? Not the kind you spend hours rolling out, cutting, then frosting…those are great but I don’t (currently) have time for that. Not only that, but the reason I’m baking these ones today is per my grandpa’s request. 😄 He told me his mom used to make them, with a raisin on top. So today, I’m adding a raisin on top for Grandpa! ❤ It’s special things like that, that I love to know and that allow baking to have a special meaning as well.

Anyway, to not keep you waiting for the recipe… (Did you know according to Facebook people just come for the recipe, no one wants all this chit chat lol 🙄😂😜)

Like I said, lately I’m short on time and this recipe came from one of those lovely church cookbooks…so I simply took a picture of it for you rather than taking the time to retype it. (Forgive me!) These cookies are pillowy soft and you can dress them up with sprinkles to suit any holiday! The secret ingredient is nutmeg- Adds the perfect touch! You may even want to add it to your own roll-out sugar cookie recipe!


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