December 11, 2018

It’s easy to become discouraged… whether it’s ‘my times are so slow’ getting back into running, or ‘I still have 10+ pounds to lose,’ or ‘I need to be a better parent/spouse.’ Just layin’ it all out there because I’m willing to bet you can relate to one if not all of those statements. It’s so easy to become discouraged…so here’s some encouragement for me and you both…

1. Whatever you’re plugging away at…keep doing it. Baby steps… And it’s ok to celebrate little achievements/improvements along the way.

2. Be patient…it doesn’t happen over night. (Whether it’s a goal or weight loss etc.) As for baby weight, as I’ve heard myself tell friends and had to tell myself…it took 9 months to put that weight on, give yourself a break, it may take some time, be patient (and continue to work at it).

3. Focus on the positive things and small victories- ‘yay! We made it out of the house for school this morning without any yelling/bickering!’

4. Sometimes when you’re at a low point and having a hard time focusing on the positive, lift your eyes to the Big Guy. I’m convinced Satan wants us to focus on the negative…it makes us miserable and in that state we definitely aren’t glorifying God. I have to remind myself of this and not let him win! Remind yourself through God’s word, just how much He loves us. He knows everything about us, all our thoughts and screw ups and He still loves us, immeasurably so.

So chin-up buttercup. I think we’re all in the same boat, at one point or another anyway. We all need encouragement. Wouldn’t this world be a beautiful place if we all loved one another? Gave encouragement to those around us…were real with ourselves and others. It’s OK to admit we need encouragement. We all do!

Today I’m choosing to celebrate small victories, as my run felt great this morning…and I’m just thankful for whenever I can get out!

And I’m even more thankful for and encouraged by God’s love for me!

Be encouraged, you’re a child of God!

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