The next little chef…

December 29, 2018

Christmas break has been rush, rush, rush, with the last of 5 different get togethers today. I was thankful for two days of downtime, including yesterday when Lila and I enjoyed time cooking together. ❤

She received an awesome gift for Christmas from her aunt and uncle; it’s one of those subscription box gifts for kids. We’ve been given the kiwi crate one previously, which I would highly recommend for kids of any age; great stem, fun learning activities. This subscription box is cooking themed, called radish kids. The first box came with three different recipes, as well as an apron and her own measuring cups. The instructions are step by step with color pictures, easy to understand for an 8 year old. (A younger child would also benefit if they had help reading the instructions!) There was a grocery list of ingredients included also. My daughter was able to plan dinner, participate in the grocery shopping, and then make dinner with minimal help. She leaned a lot and was so proud of herself. She couldn’t wait for her daddy to try it. She tried to pull a fast one on him and tell him I made it because she wanted his true reaction and then to tell him she had made it. 😁

The recipes included in this box were minestrone soup and rosemary focaccia. Two things she had never eaten before, let alone made. There was also a recipe for hot cocoa cupcakes and a gift of spiced cider that we’re saving for another time.

She really enjoyed the whole process and I was thankful for this gift and the gift of time spent with her, and sharing something that I love to do with her!

She enjoyed being able to cut up everything herself with the kid friendly knives they received for Christmas last year. I’m always thankful for their help cutting things up! They work pretty well!

In addition to learning some knife skills, she also learned about yeast while making the bread and letting it rise. It was a great experience and both turned out delicious!

It was a perfect day of Christmas break and the food was delicious! And the time spent together was priceless!

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