December 22, 2018

I’m still loving it! Although I didn’t really take a whole lot of time away from running (thankfully), I wasn’t sure what to expect getting back into it post-baby. With my other two, I hadn’t been this much into running yet, so I wasn’t trying to get back out there, pounding the pavement, as soon as I could. I expected to, or hoped to be able to run by 6 weeks but other than that I really didn’t know what to expect. Maybe that was best because I guess I have exceeded my expectations with running at 4 weeks postpartum. However I am slower than I guess I anticipated and it’s been slow getting back into it.

With that being said this morning’s run felt amazing! First time I upped my mileage to five. I was honestly getting tired of my normal 4 mile route around town so I did an out and back. I felt good at 2 so I turned around at 2.5. thankfully I still felt great when I made it back, despite the nasty wind and some slippery spots out there! My time is slowly improving and I can’t complain at all since baby is just shy of 2 months old.

I’m honestly just thankful for any time I get to run…mornings out are hit or miss, totally dependent on when the baby wakes up/eats/goes back down. I always have my running clothes laid out so when the opportunity presents itself I can grab my stuff and hurry out the door! I’m thankful for every opportunity I get!

So all in all my take away I guess is the fact that I’ve had very little expectations with getting back into running, which has lead me to be happy with where I’m at currently! If you’re in the same boat, maybe not postpartum, but getting back into running or whatever it is you’re passion about…give yourself some slack, set realistic goals, and allow yourself to celebrate little victories along the way! ❤

I’ve also spent lots of time in the kitchen this past week … mostly early mornings and nap times, to get my Christmas baking done. If time allows I’ll share some recipes with you soon! Until then enjoy this Christmas season! 🎄❤

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