My drug of choice…

January 13, 2019

Four and half hours of sleep, 19* outside, and 6 miles around town solo, in the dark with no music…doesn’t really sound like the recipe for an awesome run, does it? The x-factor? β˜•

I am super sensitive to caffeine and always avoid it unless 1. I need to make a longer drive and fear falling asleep (rare) or 2. I like to have a tiny bit before I run. I guess honestly, I use it like a drug. 😜 I haven’t ‘used’ caffeine since last June before my half marathon. I have avoided it due to pregnancy and now nursing. I’m sure the baby isn’t used to it at all since I dont ever consume it. I’m told only 1 % enters your breast milk. I took my chances this morning since I had such little sleep and wanted to head out for a run; it would be such a small amount consumed, and at least 2-3 hours before he ate again.

Anyway, that tiny bit of caffeine today made me feel like I could run forever! I have been enjoying my runs post-baby, but this was the first time in a longggg time that I had that feeling like I could run forever. I was really slow, but still, I love that feeling! I set out to do 5, being a weekend I had more time, then 5 turned into 5.5, and then heck, I might as well do 6! I honestly could have kept going (at my snails pace), but figured the baby would be waking back up and wanting to eat again soon.

Thankful each time I’m able to get out for a run, and super thankful for that ‘I could run forever’ feeling this morning! Thanks to a little caffeine! πŸ˜‰ Makes me hopeful that I do still have a marathon in me somewhere, eventually. 😊

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