Joy in all circumstances…

January 18, 2019

Finding more joy, sharing more joy, overall just being more joyful, regardless of the circumstances, has been part of my resolution for this year. I feel very fortunate in my life that my ‘circumstances’ have been good….I do not feel like I’ve had to go through any great trials. I haven’t had to fear for a sick child’s life, my and my husband’s health has been good, and I still thankfully have all of my parents and grandparents. Praise God; I am so very thankful and truly know how fortunate I am. I thank God daily for His goodness.

But what about if and when my circumstances may not be so rosey and fortunate? His word tells us to find joy in the not so nice and easy circumstances too. I have many, many friends, family, and even some I do not know, that are really struggling right now, with some very hard circumstances…their health, their children’s health, divorce, etc. I pray for them and believe in the power of prayer and when I can, share verses or words of encouragement with them.

But sometimes I feel guilty doing so…wondering how they are receiving it. Like, sure it’s easy for her to share a verse about finding joy, she’s not walking in our shoes right now. No, I’m not, and I hope if I ever have to I will be able to use my own words as advice for coping during that time. But what if I don’t share it, all hope for finding peace, joy, and comfort in the Lord may be lost.

I felt this devotional was beneficial:

Not only does it have a reference to baking 😉 but explains that joy and hurt can coexist. We don’t expect all things to turn to roses in a tough situation just because we throw up a ‘Praise Jesus.’ But, this may be more realistic:
That’s why I’m glad these verses don’t say ‘feel the joy’ but instead, ‘consider where some glimpses of joy might be even in the midst of all the hurt.

I pray we can all find glimpses of joy amongst any trials (great or small) we’re going through. And realizing, although it may sound cliche, that we do truly go through everything for a reason; whether it’s to shape who we are or bring out the better in someone else, or be there to comfort someone as they walk through a similar trial. God knows best, trust Him that he is with you in all your are going through and all that lies ahead.

The prayer warrior that I am wants to pray for you! Most times out running I am praying the whole time; even for random strangers. So if you have a prayer request feel free to comment or send me a private message. Know that I will pray for you, your circumstances, and that you can find joy and peace along the way. ❤

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